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Mark Critz knows Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District unlike any other candidate.

Victory NOW! PAC

Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Honorary Chairman

Victory NOW! is the political action committee chaired by Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) that promotes Democratic candidates and important causes in Maryland and across the country.

In January, Cong. Van Hollen was honored to be appointed by Speaker Pelosi to serve in the House Democratic Leadership both as Assistant to the Speaker and for the second election cycle, as Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). In these two capacities he is working 24-7 to protect the gains Democrats have made in recent years and to work with the Obama Administration to chart a new direction for America.

Our hard work these past two elections has resulted in the solid Democratic majority we enjoy today and created opportunities for Democrats to implement a new agenda for this country together with President Obama. The hard fought seats that Democrats have gained over the last two cycles will be difficult to defend. Many of them are in districts where Republicans have had the edge for over a decade. Moreover, since Abraham Lincoln, a new president’s party has lost the midterm congressional elections in all but two cycles – 1934 and 2002 – with an average loss of 30 seats.

Cong. Van Hollen through Victory NOW! works to beat this historical pattern and preserve the important gains Democrats have made in the House.